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A Guide to the ISO9001 27 Step Process – And How It Enhances Repairs

Posted: 19th Dec 2018
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No matter the size of the practice, your handpieces are valuable pieces of equipment – in terms of both cost and worth – and vital to the day to day running of your surgery. But, the fact of the matter is that handpieces are always going to be prone to breakdowns – but the way they’re repaired could make a huge different to your downtime and repair costs.

As an ISO9001:2015 accredited centre, we’ll truly put your handpiece through its paces to fully get to the root of the issues. Handpiece downtime is extremely frustrating to practitioners, so we’ll examine all elements of the instrument, ensuring we pick up on every niggle and can fix it in one go. Following the ISO9001 27 step process, we’ll resolve your handpiece woes and have your product as good as new. Here’s how it’s done…

Once we’ve picked up your handpiece and the necessary checks have been completed, we’ll begin with a speed test to test the measurement of the bur rotation speed is as it should be. We’ll then move on to a torque test, where the handpiece is put through a rotor lateral cutting torque test, and a water check, where we check lines are clear and the jet plate is producing even water distribution. We check for correct air drive and effective exhaust air with the drive air and chip air tests. These tests allow us to examine the functioning of your handpiece mechanisms, and ensure they’re working to the best of their abilities.

After these essential functions have been tested, we can get down to the intrinsic inner workings of your instrument. A full visual inspection will be conducted, where the well-trained eyes of our technicians can pick up any external issues or impending damage. The instrument will then be completely dismantled, and we’ll put every single element through an ultrasonic cleaning process to fully rejuvenate the insides. This extra step in the repair process enhances the cleanliness of your instrument.

Based on the results of our earlier examinations, any worn or damaged parts will then be replaced. At Trigiene, we only use quality European parts or OEM manufacturer elements, meaning your handpiece is returned to optimum condition and your warranty is kept fully intact. Once these new parts have been added, we’ll give the handpiece a full oiling (to suit the manufacturers specification) and an internal bio-cleanse, fully ensuring it is as good as new.

Finally, we’ll once again put your handpiece through the tests we conducted at the beginning of the process. This allows us to ensure any problems and glitches we picked up in this inspection have been fully resolved and the instrument is working as it should.

During your repair we’ll log all the parts used and replaced by us, meaning you can keep track of your repair history in your own records. Then, we’ll return your fully functioning handpiece back to you within 24 hours – all part of the Trigiene ISO9001 service.

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