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Circular Economy – Repair or Replace?

Posted: 2nd Dec 2021

The Circular Economy- should we repair or replace?

With big questions being raised as to the earths resources and how we treat them, more and more consumers are looking at ways to repair, refresh and re-use. So how does this apply to Dentistry where infection prevention has to be no.1 in all considerations?

Let’s face it, the dental handpieces are the most important pieces of equipment in the dental practice so it is essential that they are well maintained, working at optimum performance, clean and sterile.

With a well documented handpiece maintenance procedure and thorough staff training, handpieces can go on performing month after month, year after year with no issues. It is important however to identify issues and faults at an early stage to minimise repair costs and ensure patient comfort and safety.

We often get asked the question, ‘does there come a point where it’s more economical to replace rather than repair?’ and the answer is always ‘well, it depends..!’ Functionally, if a handpiece is repaired with quality parts and meeting a rigorous ISO9001 standard there is no reason to assume that the handpiece life can’t be significantly extended. If however the handpiece body has been damaged, corroded or the hygiene integrity been compromised then replacement may be the only option.

Sometimes, particularly with contra angle and speed increasing red band handpieces, the cost of replacing all gear sets, drive shafts and chuck mechanism can come very close to deals on new handpieces. The leading handpiece manufacturers like W&H, NSK and Bien-Air often offer a ‘service exchange’ on a new handpiece which basically means swapping out your old for new.

With Trigiene, we always recommend using our Eco Repair collection boxes which can be used again and again to send in handpieces for repair and we return them back to you in the same box for you to use next time. With every service and repair at Trigiene, we always recommend the most cost effective option for you long term, being replace or repair. If repair is your choice, we always give the handpiece a thorough clean inside and out, ensuring your equipment returns to you as good as new!

For a no obligation repair or replace quote, book your free collection on 01642 442910 or online at https://trigiene.co.uk/handpiece-repair

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