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Make sustainable changes in your practice with the new Eco Repair Box from Trigiene

Posted: 6th Mar 2020

Interested in sustainable dentistry and learning how to make your practice more eco-friendly? From making small changes to implementing a ‘Reduce-Reuse-Recycle’ policy, there are many things you can do to minimise waste, save money and reduce emissions.

Dealing with over 10,000 handpiece repairs every year, here at Trigiene Dental, we feel it’s time to end the wasteful practise of throwing away thousands of single-use padded envelopes used every month to transport broken and repaired handpieces. We have been working hard to source more sustainable materials for quite some time and we are excited to officially launch our new Eco Repair Box.

Why there is a need for single-use plastic in the dental industry?

Despite the convenience of using plastic in dental surgeries, there is a global push to significantly reduce our dependence on single-use plastic, which can have an increasingly detrimental impact on our environment.

Most dental practices justify the daily reliance on single-use plastic items, such as disposable syringes, gloves, single-use instruments with the need to comply with the rigorous CQC and HTM01-05 UK regulations and to prevent cross-contamination. Nonetheless, that doesn’t have to get in the way of dental practices finding ways to greatly reduce the use of plastic and heavily packaged items across the industry.

Have you ever thought about the amount of plastic packaging in handpiece repair envelopes tucked away in drawers in your dental practice? Some dental practices may have been flooded with plastic padded envelopes over the years, then when you get a repair, the handpieces are returned in yet more plastic packaging! It’s easy to see how much waste all of this can build up to!

Transporting your repaired handpieces in a modern reusable eco-friendly box

Here at Trigene, we’re committed to doing our bit to help the environment and become more sustainable. Going forward, when you book a repair with Trigiene, your dental handpieces will be transported in a reusable eco-friendly box, made from cardboard and a protective layer of foam to keep your handpieces safe. The box can be re-used at least 10 times if looked after, and when it can no longer be used, the outside cardboard can be recycled, and the foam lining can be transferred to a new cardboard box.


Have you tried our eco range of sustainable dental products?

Trigiene Dental has also launched an extensive eco range of everyday consumables, including recycled hand towels made from recycled TetraPak cartons, biodegradable nitrile gloves and paper cups with waterproof natural starch lining. This is just the start of a vast range of eco products that will help dental practices further reduce their impact on the environment.

We all have a responsibility to the environment and at Trigiene, by incorporating more eco-friendly solutions, we want to show our commitment to making sustainable changes.

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