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Ultrasonic Baths?

Posted: 11th May 2023

Cleaning instruments before sterilisation is an essential part of the instrument decontamination process. Sterilisation of unclean instruments can cause infectious prions to be baked onto instruments, greatly increasing the likelihood of cross contamination and infection.

Dental instruments can often be heavily contaminated and it is therefore essential to ensure that the correct cleaning method is used. Hand cleaning is not recommended and is the least efficient cleaning technique. It relies on individuals’ judgement on cleanliness and also subjects the dental nurse to the risk of infection from sharps injuries, so what is the best option?

A significant number of dental practices use an ultrasonic bath to clean instruments prior to or after manual scrubbing and then on to the autoclave. HTM 01-05 suggests that ultrasonic baths are optional, however should you have one, they must have a few specific features.

What must you look for in a Ultrasonic Cleaner?

  • Must have a lid that is lockable in use in order to restrict the release of aerosols and to stop any interruption once cycle begins
  • Ability to record and document every cleaning cycle (start to end temp, cycle length, start to finish time, etc)
  • Servicing schedule – It is crucial you have a well-kept servicing and maintenance schedule

Trigiene works closely with Walker Electronics who are a British manufacturer and one of the leaders in Ultrasonic Cleaning technology. Their clearners are used in many industries such as Primary Care Dental Practices, Chiropody and Podiatry Surgeries, Veterinary Surgeries and Veterinary Hospitals, Tattooing Studios and Piercing Studios, Health Service, Automotive Repair Outlets, Industrial Sites and Jewellery Workshops.

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