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Why planned preventative maintenance on your handpieces should be a priority for your practice

Posted: 30th Jan 2020

To deliver excellent competitive dental treatment, dental practitioners need quality equipment they can rely on and handpieces that are working at optimum speed, torque and efficiency. We know that handpiece breakdowns can be frustrating and time-wasting and that planned preventative maintenance is a great solution to minimise downtime and save money for your practice.

Waiting until handpieces are at a breaking point can lead to vital equipment failing at a critical moment, expensive repairs and lengthy periods out of action, resulting in the cancellation of patients and unbudgeted repair costs for the practice.

As a dental practitioner, maximising patient comfort should be a top priority. Lack of appropriate maintenance of handpieces can also affect the patient’s experience and in some cases, lead to handpiece overheating and oral burns. Oral burns can have serious consequences, as highlighted in a recent case where a 5-year old was taken to a hospital and treated for burns on her palate and lower lip

Planned preventative maintenance extends the lifespan of your handpieces

Premium handpieces from leading dental brands do not come cheap. However, regular maintenance and servicing will not only enhance their performance, but it will extend their longevity, helping you reduce downtime and making them a sound investment.

Annual servicing carried out by trained and certified engineers will reduce the chance of any problems. Malfunctions in existing and newly purchased equipment can be diagnosed using manufacturers’ service kits and special tests and may be covered under warranty. Planned preventative maintenance will not only help to prevent equipment failure, but also ensure compliance with rigorous Care Quality Commission regulations.

According to the Health and Social Care Act, 2008 equipment should be properly used and maintained: “There should be regular health and safety risk assessments of the… equipment. The findings of the assessments must be acted on without delay if improvements are required”

Budgeting made easier with planned handpiece servicing

Prevention of potential equipment break-downs is much better for a dental practice than unexpected repair work. Planned and preventive maintenance not only helps to avoid vital components from wearing out and needing to be urgently replaced, but it is also the most cost-effective way to ensure your practice can continue to offer competitive dental care.

Planned handpiece service packages allow you to avoid hidden additional repair costs. To make budgeting easier, rather than paying a one-off fee, practice managers have the option to pay on a monthly basis per handpiece, meaning each one is fully protected with regularly scheduled maintenance, testing and repairs by fully qualified engineers.

Trigiene offering an innovative handpiece maintenance service

With the efficiency of your practice in mind, Trigiene offers an innovative service care plan designed to save valuable time and keep your practice running smoothly, offering a choice of flexible handpiece maintenance and repair options.

When you choose Trigiene, you can take advantage of an all-inclusive comprehensive care plan. The cartridge balance, torque, chuck retention, speed and concentricity are all tested against manufacturers’ recommended parameters. All moving parts are cleaned and lubricated and where applicable, ‘O’ rings in the head and handle, premium ceramic bearings for all turbines and premium cartridges are replaced at no additional cost. The internal airlines are checked to ensure the handpiece is being powered correctly, the water flow is running smoothly with no leaks and internal water lines are cleared of any build-up of biofilm, a regular cause of water contamination and waterline blockages.

To make the whole process even easier, you can book and monitor repairs online at any time, with free, insured, tracked and traced collection and delivery. For total peace of mind, Trigiene’s monthly care plan comes with a full diagnostic report and audit, unlimited warranties on materials and workmanship for the plan’s duration.

With plans starting from as little as £8.99 per handpiece per month with no hidden extras, the experts at Trigiene will take ultimate care of your handpieces. Get in touch if a service care plan is for you.

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